Rumor: Next iPad with Two Cameras

Apple Professor - Rumor

Apple Insider reported on Friday that Barron's had obtained a report from Detwiler Fenton & Co that claims OmniVision will supply the sensors the next iPad.  The front facing camera would be a VGA camera for FaceTime video chats, much like the iPhone 4 and the recently released iPod Touch. They also claimed that this second generation iPad would also have a 5 megapixel camera to be placed on the back of the next iPad. Apple Insider notes that the Samsung Galaxy Tab has two cameras with the rear lens targeted for use in augmented reality apps.

In the report Detwiler also expects apple to build 2.5 million of the next generation iPad during the 1st quarter of 2011. Apple Insider seems to be calling this report somewhat into question as Apple sold more than 4 million iPads during the last quarter, meaning that Apple is expecting to sell nearly half as many iPads in early 2011 as in mid-2010. Considering this would be a new iPad and many would upgrade just to have it, the numbers do seem odd. The iPhone increased in 1st quarter sells with each iteration.

It does seem likely that the next iPad will have at least  a front facing camera. A rear facing camera seems less likely due to the size of the iPad, but could be useful for some. An early 2011 release is possible, but a 2nd quarter release seems more likely as the one year anniversary of the iPad's release will be in April 2011. [ad#468x60 Banner]