Mossberg Recommends Office For Mac 2011


It seems that Walt Mossberg, columnist for the Wall Street Journal, really likes Microsoft latest version of Office for the Mac. Scheduled for release on October 26th, Mossberg has been test driving this latest version for a while and gives his opinions in his weekly video column (embedded below). You can also read his full article on In both this video and his article he points out four bigs changes that make Office for Mac 2011 an enticing reason to upgrade: Outlook, High Fidelity Documents, Speed and the Ribbon.

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Outlook for Mac is now fully compatible with Outlook for Windows. Gone is the strangely incompatible Entourage. Speaking of compatibility, Mossberg states that while Office for Mac 2008 uses the same file format as it's Windows brother, the fidelity between documents wasn't great; it is now. Then there is speed. Microsoft has given Office a major tune-up and it runs faster. Finally the much discussed Ribbon. A feature praised by some, hated by others in Office for Windows is introduced to Mac users. Mossberg likes this release and states that he can recommend it.

Read his review, watch the video below and you decide.

This is a Flash Video - It May Not Play Well on Your Mobile Device. If you go to the article, there is an embeded version that works on the iPad & iPhone.