MacRumors: 500,000 Forum Members

MacRumors reported today that it had reached 500,000 forum members. That's just an amazing number. Even more amazing is that they have members that have remained active over the past 10 years since the MacRumors forums went live. Back in August MacRumors forums reached 1,000,000 forum threads, not to be confused with the 1,000,000 post mark that was reached back in 2004. No this isn't really Apple news, but it does show the thriving nature of the Apple universe.  Ten years ago Mac Rumors was one of the original Mac rumor websites; back when the Mac was still relegated to "also ran" status by most IT Professionals. It was also a time when Apple was actual losing the battle with print and education. The rumors back then were more likely to be something like "Apple's days are numbered."

Amazing what a difference a decade can make and several huge products everyone knows. When MacRumors was founded in February of 2000 Mac OS X wouldn't be released for another year (March 2001) and the iPod wouldn't be released until October 2001. To say that the writers at MacRumors were believers during the dark days at Apple wouldn't be overstating the case too much.

If you haven't read MacRumors, you should check out their site. They do more than rumors these days, and the rumors they post on their home page  are more solid than most. That's not to say they will come true, but they aren't pie in the sky either. Page 2, as they call it, is the realm of the less deserving rumors.

Congratulations MacRumors, from the new kid on the block - The Apple Professor.