Rumor: Wal-Mart & The iPad

MacRumors is reporting that an e-mail was sent to Wal-Mart managers today supposedly showing how many of each model the store will be receiving. MacRumors was provided a photo offering proof of this e-mail. In May Wal-Mart stated that it expected to begin selling the iPad "later" this year. With Target recently beginning sales of the iPad and Wal-Mart already selling iPhones and iPod Touches it doesn't seem a stretch that Wal-Mart would get the iPad. The biggest shopping weekend of the year is less than 8 weeks away, so if Wal-Mart was planning on selling the iPad this year, getting them into Wal-Mart's supply chain before the holiday is vital.

For Apple this only expands the markets the iPad can reach. Last week Target's 1,700 stores began selling the iPad. Wal-Mart's over 3,500 stores would put another significant feather in Apple's distribution hat.

If Wal-Mart does sell the iPad, which seems likely this year and a sure thing by early next year, competitors will have to work extra hard to unseat the iPad as the preeminent tablet device in 2011; the battle for the most popular tablet of 2010 was over before it even began in 2010. [ad#468x60 Banner]