Flight Control HD For Mac - Announced for App Store

It was bound to happen, just not sure I saw it coming this quickly. Firemint, makers of Flight Control and Real Racing have announced that they will be bringing Flight Control HD to the Mac via the App Store. There don't seem to be any additional details at this time, but since the App Store doesn't open for another 90 days or so, we have some time. To wet our appetites, Firemint has released a screen shot of Flight Control HD running on a Mac. The real question, I think, is did Firemint just take excellent advantage of the news of the new Mac App Store, or did they know something most of us mere mortals didn't learn until just this morning? It seems unlikely and to be fair Flight Control is available on several platforms, including the PS3. While the Mac is a different OS than iOS, I'm guessing porting over Flight Control HD wasn't that much of a challenge.

If you haven't yet tried Flight Control HD for the iPad or Flight Control for the iPhone, you should. Flight Control is one of the most popular games on the iTunes App Store for good reason. They are just fun, and a little addictive.

Looks like Firemint wins the aware of first announced app in the New Mac App Store. Congratulations Firemint, job well done!

Flight Control HD for Mac