Boxwave Capacitive iPad Stylus

Capacitive iPad Stylus (Black)

Winter is coming and that means that using your iPad or your iPhone gets tricky in the cold. Try using your iPad while you are wearing gloves, it doesn't work. Ladies, you might have trouble year round though. Many with long fingernails find using the iPad and the iPhone difficult as they can't easily touch the screen. To solve this problem you should probably get a stylus. Not any stylus will work. The screen of the iPad and the iPhone use capacitive technology. Basically a capacitive screen recognizes your skins ability to "conduct" electricity. This means that when you touch the screen with a nails, a pen or with gloves on nothing happens, they don't conduct electricity in the same way that human skin does. This means that the stylus you used on your old PocketPC or other tablet devices won't work on the iPad. The iPad, the iPhone and the iPod Touch are all designed to be a truly touch sensitive screen, meaning "you" have to touch it for it to work. So, how do you solve this problem?

Capacitive iPad Stylus (BlackThe solution comes in the form of a capacitive stylus. That is a stylus designed with materials that allow it to mimic how your finger conducts electricity when you touch the screen. There are a few options on the market. One of the best comes from Boxwave.

If you have seen the Pogo Sketch, the best known iPad/iPhone stylus, the first thing that will strike you about the Boxwave stylus is it's size. Their stylus is more like a small pen. It has more weight and fits more comfortably in your hand. People with small or large hands should enjoy how it feels.

Many individuals find the Pogo Sketch too skinny and too light. It's not that the Pogo Sketch is a bad product, it isn't. I've owned one since before I bought my iPad and it came in very handy last winter when I was wearing gloves. In the end though, it didn't fit my needs as well as I would like. I wouldn't use it all the time. It just didn't feel right.

Since I picked up this stylus, I use it almost exclusively. In other words my own fingers seldom touch the screen of my iPad. When I do, it feels a little strange. I always end up looking for the stylus because I just prefer using it over just my finger.

Another difference between the Boxwave stylus and the Pogo Sketch are their tips. While both are capacitive tips and work great, the feel of the Boxwave tip seems superior. It's made of rubber and is larger. The Pogo Sketch is made of a cloth material and is much smaller. That may mean for those that are doing actually art work on their iPad, the Pogo Sketch may be a much better choice. For those that just want a way to touch the screen without their fingers or do general writing on the tablet, the Boxwave Stylus works better.

One negative to the Boxwave stylus seems to be that the rubber tip does leave a residue on the screen; probably oil. It comes right off with a cleaning cloth and doesn't hurt the screen at all. In all honesty your own fingers will put more marks on the screen than this stylus. It should be noted that the Pogo Sketch doesn't seem leave any residue. That's probably due to the cloth tip. The cloth tip of the Pogo Sketch always feels to me like it is about to come off, were that to happen you would have metal on glass. It's probably just my paranoia, but it was always in the back of my mind while I was using it.

For those of you with more than one iPad in the house, you are going to love this selling point - color! The stylus I reviewed is black, however, you aren't limited to that one color. You can currently get the Boxwave Stylus in four different colors:

  • Jet BlackCapacitive Stylus Rainbow of Colors
  • Crimson Red
  • Lunar Blue
  • Metallic Silver

The pricing of Boxwave Stylus retails for $24.95, but you won't pay that much. Amazon currently sells the Boxwave Capacitive Stylus for only $15.00. As of the writing of this review, Boxwave is also selling all four colors for only $15.00 too.