"Back to the Mac" Event Video - Posted

Back to the Mac

Back to the MacDid you miss today's "Back to the Mac" event? Never fear, Apple is here. You have a couple of different ways you can watch the event video. Probably the easiest is to simply navigate to Apple Events page where they have this most recent keynote, as well as past keynotes too. As of this writing (about 10:30 PM Central) the only stream available is for Snow Leopard using Safari. I tried with FireFox on my Snow Leopard MacBook Pro - no joy. It should be working by tomorrow though. If you don't want to wait or if you prefer to watch the video on the go, then you can download the video now through iTunes. They have already made the feed available through their Apple Keynotes Podcast. If you haven't already subsribed you can either search for the podcast or click on this link to be taken directly to today's keynote. It should play well on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Apple TV (1 or 2).