It's An iAd, No It's A Newspaper Ad, huh?


The future is here, and it is iAds but with a dash of newspaper to keep it interesting. I've seen several of the iAds and this one I think is the most creative. It's simple, but truly creative. Strangely the ad wasn't born from a US company or US ad agency. This ad was born out of the minds of a Belgium insurance company. If this doesn't show how global the iPhone phenomenon has become - you are blind, deaf and dumb. Okay, my apologies for insulting the blind, the deaf and the dumb. AXA is the insurance company, and the concept is ground breaking. It looks as though they decided they needed an iPhone App. I can't tell you if the idea was organic, based on a "filling a need;" or if it was more of an - "Hey, you've heard of this iPhone thing - we need an App!" Of course you need to read that part to yourself with a Belgium accent. Let me help you, think Hercule Poirot. No idea who I'm talking about... see my comment about the blind, the deaf and the dumb.

Okay, so they come up with the idea for the iPhone app, which apparently is an app designed to help you file a claim (so not exactly a marketing gimmick). What though does every iPhone App need? Why an iAd of course! They didn't take the easy route though, they went the whole extra kilometer. They made their iAd interactive into the 3rd dimension. With their iAd you actually place it on top of a NewsPaper Ad. That's interactive!

Look, right now you are reading thinking i've lost my marbles. So, check out this video and you be the judge. Relax, it's in English.

[via 9to5 Mac]