1 Mil Apple TVs in Quarter 1?

Apple Insider is reporting that several analysts are very bullish on the Apple TV and on Apple's stock price. These predictions, take them for what they are worth, are based on the fast pace of sales of Apples second generation Apple TV. Alex Guana with JMP Securities apparently contacted 20 different Apple stores, including those in Boston, San Francisco, DC, Chicago & New York were all sold out of the Apple TV just one week after its release. (Apple hasn't' yet released sales numbers). Mr. Guana also stated that there seems to be limited stock, even more limited than when the iPad was released earlier this year. Even with that said, the strong sales indicate that it could be a very good year for Apple in yet another product line. Mr. Guana thinks that many iPhone and iPad owners will want to add the new Apple TV to their growing Apple ecosystem.

It's also being reported that if the current pace is kept, the Apple TV could sell 1 million units per quarter. The current Apple TV hasn't sold 1 million units per year since it's release 4 years ago.

JPM Securities has set the stock price expectation for Apple to be at $335 per share, with shipments of the iPhone and iPad to be in the neighborhood of 17.5 million units during the December quarter.