Andy Ihnatko Reviews the MacBook Air 2010

Andy Ihnatko is one of my favorite tech pundits and writers. I can only aspire to have the same grasp of language, humor and technology that Mr. Ihnatko wields so easily. I also take his opinions with more than just a grain of salt. He typically offers solid and even handed reviews of products and services in his regular Chicago Sun Times technology column. While I may not always agree with him, I always feel his opinion has been given something more than the typical quick thought and minor attention that can be so easily found in the blogsphere, especially in relation to technology and even more so Apple. His column from Monday, October 25th was a review of Apple's updated MacBook Air, Apple latest revision of their slim line notebook. This revision was not a minor one either that probably heralds some pretty big changes to the Apple notebook line in coming years, if Steve Jobs is to be believed anyway.

I won't give you Mr. Ihnatko's take on the unit, other than to say his 3,000 words are well used and it's safe to say he think Apple did good this time around with both the 13" and the 11" MacBook Air. I personally know several people that are looking at the MacBook Air, so for them and you I post this link to his article. Enjoy!

Apple's MacBook Air is a winner by the thinnest of margins by Andy Ihnatko