How To: MobileMe Syncing


Are you a MobileMe subscriber? Do you want to be able to sync the data from one of your Macs to another Mac, or even your iOS device? It's really easy and very quick to do, but will reap huge rewards. There are several ways to sync data from your Mac, but as with all Apple Products none quite as elegant. While document syncing may not be MobileMe's speciality (while it does do it), syncing actual user data across multiple computers is the House special. I can't think of any other program that makes it as easy to share not only your contacts, calander and mail accounts but also your bookmarks, preferences, widgets and much more.

How to do it though? Well, it's really quite easy. This video takes your through the few steps there are and explains some of the options to you. The video is less than 10 minutes long. In less than 30 minutes you can have 3 or 4 Macs all humming along with wonderful synchronization.

In a later episode I will cover the basics of using iDisk to sync your documents. There are also some other services that actually handle document back-up far better than MobileMe, but no service that I'm aware of handles syncing everything that makes your Mac like your Mac the way MobileMe is able. One of the benefits of being designed by Apple.

If you want to give it a try, just visit If you are interested in purchasing, visit You can pick-up the Single user license for about $60 and the Family Pack with 5 licenses for less than $80. The prices fluctuate, but are almost always significantly cheaper than Apple or any other retailer. [ad#468x60 Banner]