My First Step

Okay, earlier this summer I created this site and began playing around with what I wanted to do. I set-up the look and feel and played around with creating some content. Then I took a break from it. I had to really think if I wanted to try and tackle this huge project. Creating a website that is designed to be viewed not by just family and friends, but thousands of people is no small project. Basically I'm publishing a magazine, one that is updated nearly every day. I keep asking myself, I'm I ready? My first screencast is done, in the can and on the site. It's a little under 10 minutes, which is about twice as long as I wanted it to be. I think though that if I keep my videos between 5 and 10 minutes that should be short enough to be viewable even for those with busy lives.

I have to tell you I feel a great deal of pressure creating a screencast when there are folks out there that make amazing screencasts; people I will basically be competing with for market share. That's scary! When I watch Don McCalister's screencasts at, I'm amazed at how professional they look. Then I look at my first production and go - "what am I thinking?!?" [ad#468x60 Banner] That, along with written tutorials and tips are going to be the focus of the site. I will throw in news, commentary and some advice too. I've decided that my niche needs to be in line with what I'm calling the site, so I need to focus on "educating" my visitors on how to better use their Macs and other Apple devices. The more I focus on that niche and stay away from "breaking news" the less stressful my life will be and the more successful I might be. Of course I've chosen a very busy area. Mac users are prolific writers, commentators and at times haters. So no pressure!

Now, the main goal of this site is to educate my readers in some way and hopefully entertain them at the same time. The secondary goal of this site is to be self sufficient. In other words I would love for the site to pay for my time and the cost of putting the site on-line. That's not a lot of money, but my time is worth something and bandwidth and server space aren't free. To that end, I've added advertising. Since I have no readers at this time, the advertising is simple but hopefully targeted.

If I can drum up a loyal readership, maybe I can look at creating a subscription program to make advertising either less necessary or not necessary. For now though I will simply produce. I'm sure it will be a long journey from where I am today to where I would love to be tomorrow.

As it has been said before though, the journey of a thousand miles begin with but a single step.

I hope you will join me.

Here I go - Step one.