“Apple of My Eye” First Movie Made on iPhone 4

Michael Koerbel iPhone 4

The movie below looks to be the very first ever shot & edited on an iPhone 4 using iMovie for iPhone. It was made by Michael Koerbel. It is a short film (only a few minutes long) and took about 48 hours from start to finish to produce. Before you watch this movie I have to warn you, your results may very. Watching the "Making of..." at the end of the short to see how much work and equipment went into making this "iPhone only" movie. The rigging is pretty amazing, and some of the shots were captured using the oldest of film techniques - ingenuity. The movie has been posted on Vimeo (a great video website), but I've embeded here for your viewing pleasure. "Apple of My Eye" - an iPhone 4 movie / film - UPDATE: Behind the scenes footage included from Michael Koerbel on Vimeo.

Directed by Michael Koerbel Produced by Eric Edmonds and Rebekah Koerbel Written by Anna Elizabeth James and Michael Koerbel Photographed by Michael Koerbel Edited by Anna Elizabeth James Production Design by Leigh Koerbel Original Score Composed and Conducted by Corey Wallace

Starring Greta Charness and Timothy Guest