Want to Sell that Old iPhone?

So you have a brand new iPhone 4? No? Maybe you are wanting to buy a new iPhone 4 but are coming up a little short in the cash department. What's an iPhone loving boy or girl supposed to do? Well, sell your iPhone 3GS. Maybe you forgot that your 3GS was subsidized by AT &T and it's not more than 1 year old. That means it has value, both in the United States and across the world. So, how do you go about selling your iPhone? You have a few choices. The first and most obvious is eBay. That is a great way to sell it, but it's not without its pitfalls - primarily payment and waiting for the auction to end. The good news is that on e-Bay it looks as though the average used 32 Gig iPhone 3GS is pulling in around $250, that puts you only $50 in the hole for that pretty new iPhone 4. It should be noted that an unlocked 32 Gig iPhone 3GS can fetch you upwards of $350.

e-Bay not for you? Then you might look at one of the services that buys old electronics equipment at good prices and then resells them - typically overseas. One such service is gazelle. They will quote you a price for your pretty iPhone 3GS and if you accept they will send you a postage paid box to put it in (along with any other electronics you wish to part with) and once they have confirmed the conidtion of your iPhone, send you a pretty little check or credit towards Amazon (with a 5% bonus if you choose that option). Right now you can get $189 for that very same 32 Gig iPhone 3GS. Not as much as you might get on e-Bay, but without the worry and the hassle. Other site that does the same thing is BuyMyTronics, they will buy your iPhone 3GS for $159.

As with any commodity, as more units go on the street the price will drop. Gazelle provides a price chart, and the only thing the iPhone 3GS has done since December of 2009 - is drop in price. It's high was $450.

Okay, so you decided you are going to take the plunge. While gazelle promises to wipe your data, my papa always told me to never trust someone to do something you can do yourself. So, before you put your iPhone in the mail to parts unknown - wipe it! Let me repeat that for those of you salivating over cash you will get. BEFORE YOU PUT YOUR IPHONE IN A BOX AND SHIP IT TO PARTS UNKNOWN - WIPE IT! It's not hard.

Under settings on your iPhone choose the "General" options. At the very bottom of that list you will find the option "Reset." Choose that option and you will be given another list of choices. The one you are interested in would be "Erase All Content and Settings." That option will basically take your iPhone back to factory settings across the board. Don't be in a hurry either, the process can take well over an hour.

Now you have blasted away all your data, hopefully you still have the original box and all the goodies that came with it, why? Well, that will fetch you the best price. Besides the box was cool wasn't it? I bet you couldn't bear to throw it away and it's hiding in your closet. Get that, along with all of your accessories and put them back in the box too.

There you go. Soon you will have a little extra cash to help defer the cost of your new iPhone 4. Do remember if you are pocketbook challenged and have to sell the iPhone first, you may be without a phone for a few weeks; at least a few days. So take that into account.

Now if you have an older iPhone, well, the same rules apply; you just get less cash. Should there be a few iPhones lying around you might make it up on volume. However you get the cash, enjoy that new iPhone 4 and remember - WIPE YOU OLD ONE BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING WITH IT!