Schedules, Sleep, Job & Blog is, while not a complicated project, is a huge project and time consuming one. Finding the time, in an ever more crowded day of responsibilities, to do that which I find fun and productive seems to get increasingly harder with each passing is a project I've considered undertaking for some time, but never seemed to find the time. I finally decided that I just had to make the time, and that time just washed away into the Sea of Responsibility. Over the years I've watched others take their dream and make them a reality on the world wide web. I've never thought it was easy for them, nor did I think it came without compromise and sacrifice. I'm not opposed to either. To be frank, I've experienced both more than most. Sleep wasn't one I was prepared to give up currently. My day job requires a certain level of cognitive ability that requires sleep. While is live, it's truly a soft launch as I find a way to balance that day job, my personal life (wife, two teenagers and a dog) and what will become a night job. Along with that juggling act I learned something else this week, a big news event like the iPhone 4 launch is hard to cover when you can only work at night and don't get home till 8. So how does my schedule impact how successful I can be? Just thinking through the process gives me a new found respect for those that do this work for a living and more so those that do it and keep a full time job. Can I do it? Can I offer timely and consistent editorial with a unique flavor on a regular basis? Can I do it on a niche company like Apple? Only time will tell. What I really want to know, is sleep at all negotiable in this affair? Really, I like sleep. Don't you?