Review: Camera+ App


The Camera+ app for iPhone has to be on the best Camera apps that I have used on the iPhone so far. It has all the strengths of the built-in camera app, plus many of its own. It was delveoped by Tap Tap Tap with help from Lisa Bettany of She knows a thing or two about photography, as a model and actress and more than two years as a professional photographer. If you are going to chose a front man, um front woman, for your product it's hard to think of a better representative than a beautiful model who actually takes photos for a living. On a 3GS the app loads fairly quickly, and as soon as it loads you can start taking photos. I've had point and shoots that take longer. The app starts off by mimicking the eyepiece of a digital SLR with a small button to the right for taking photos. Amazingly, you can take several photos in succession, unlike Apple's photo app. This allows you to catch moments you might otherwise miss. When the buffer fills, you stop - just like on that $1000 SLR. You can also take photos in a more standard iPhone way using the whole screen with Apple's touch to focus. Once you are done taking photos, you can move to the lightbox and choose which you want to delete and which you want to keep. From there you can upload to Flickr, Facebook, Twitter or e-mail them to a friend and finally save to your film roll on the iPhone. [ad#468x60 Banner] The application is very easy to use, important in an Camera. From the menu button you can turn on/off the grid and sound as well as set-up your sharing features and the quality of your photos. That includes the ability to save your photos at full resolution.

I'm not crazy about the stabilizer, while it does work it's either overly sensitive or I need to drink less coffee. The special effects are pretty interesting, but I don't normally use them. The borders are interesting, but there are apps specifically designed to do that function, and better. There is also a digital flash, or post processing flash. No where near as good as a real flash, but passable. Other than those little qualms, the program is wonderful and works as advertised. To see the application in action, check out the Camera+ website. They have a pretty cool demo you can see right on their website.

Currently they are running a contest to win a 5D Mark II camera rig worth $10,000, including 5 Canon lenses. Lisa Bettany was asked to pick out her dream rig, and that rig is what you win!. All you have to do is send a Tweet.

It is compatible with iPhone iOS 4 and the iPhone 4, but hasn't yet been optimized for either from what I can tell. In an interview I heard Lisa Bettany give a few weeks ago, the application will get an update once they fully understand the capabilities of the new iPhone.

Here's the best news of all. The Camera+ app only costs $0.99. That's an introductory price, so as those annoying ads on TV scream - ACT NOW! Of course, the final price will probably be all of $4.99, so if you miss out today you won't break the bank tomorrow.

Here is a list of all the features:

  • FX Effects
  • Scene Modes
  • Digital Flash
  • Cropping
  • Borders
  • Social Sharing
  • Lightbox
  • Grid
  • Stabilizer

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