QuickTip: Force Quitting An App

While all Mac users like to think their computers are perfect in every way and not prone to "crashing," the truth is a little less "fanciful." While it is true that Mac's don't suffer from the "Blue Screen of Death," Macs do have their own issues that can turn your workflow into a work stoppage. What do you do if your Mac's screen is held hostage by a single application? Once option is to go to the Apple Menu and choose "Force Quit..." Another option, and one that might be more useful should your mouse be held equally hostage, is an easy keyboard combination - OPTION-SHIFT-COMMAND-ESC - (For Three Seconds). If you just want to bring up the "Force Quite" dialogue box key combo - OPTION COMMAND ESC  will do the trick. Once the frozen application is thawed, you can either try to restart it or you may consider a reboot. Reboots are typically necessary, but I have found that if an application keeps freezing, a reboot sometimes works magic and the freezing stops.

Force Quite Dialogue Box