iPhone 4 – Madness Ensues, AT&T Fumbles the Ball?

The iPhone 4 went on sale yesterday and the whole world went nuts! Well, the part of the world that pays attention to all things Apple, Inc.; like your good friend the Professor. Story is still somewhat unclear, but here's the quick round-up. iPhone goes on sale on June 14th, as originally announced by Steve Jobs on the 8th. Early on problems were encountered by eager buyers wanting to be the first on their block to own an iPhone 4. Those problems seem to have included: not getting past the AT&T validation, getting past the AT&T validation then crashing, crashing while going through validation, getting bad results from the validation (i.e. you were told you got the $199 price by AT&T and then the website told you $599 or go fish), getting to validation then being told "PAY YOUR BILL!" and being logged out, the best one of all - seeing someone else's account information, then getting logged out.

The common theme here seems to be AT&T. I'm sorry, but while I know there are many things to hate about AT&T sometimes I just can't help but feel sorry for them. Even when they try and do the right thing, it's like the wireless Gods just throw them a curve ball and then run off laughing. Hmmm, maybe it's not the wireless Gods but Sprint, Verizon and T-Mobile playing a crewl school yard prank on AT&T. Well, I guess it could be that they just weren't prepared.

AT&T Logo

AT&T Logo

Prepared for what you ask? Well, it seems that 600,000 phones were sold on day one! AT&T announced that it was a one day record for them for any sales event. If AT&T isn't paying Apple something for the right to sell the iPhone then Apple is getting the short end of this deal.

For those more astute readers you might recall that server issues have plagued the last few releases of iPhones. I'm guessing that everyone at Apple and AT&T thought that pre-sales would eliminate many of the problems of the past, but alas the best laid plans of mice and technology companies often go down the rabbit hole.

Your's truly hasn't taken the plunge yet and after hearing as many horror stories as I did, i'm glad I was "requested" to wait to buy one. I have to imagine that it can only get better from here, but one never knows. The iPhone, as great as it is, seems to be plagued by all kinds of release day problems. Was this the only one for the iPhone 4, or the first of several. Wait and see, and check back here often to see what happens next.