iOS – Notifications

When the iPhone first came out it only came with a handful of applications, there weren't any additional applications of any kind. Eventually Apple released an SDK that allowed developers to build web apps. This only served to wet hungry iPhone users appetites even more, and it was that long (most would say too long) before Apple released an SDK for native apps. A native application simply being one that is installed on the phone and can work without an internet connection. However as users often do, they wanted more. The original SDK didn't give users anyway of being notified when the application or service might have something to tell them. The standard appliations, Mail, SMS and Calendar all had some kind of notification system, but non-standard applications didn't. With the introduction of iPhone 3.0 notifications for all applications were born.{C}{C} Now most users have interacted with the setting for their various notifications, but many probably never touch them again; but you should. It's easy to do and gives you a lot of power over those notifications that you may not have realized truly resides in the palm of your hand. Brace yourself, what I'm about to explain is so increadibly easy; you might just drop your precision iPhone (that case sure is looking pretty good right now).

There are three types of notifications: Sounds, Alerts & Badges. If you use the SMS (MMS) features of your phone you are familiar with all three of these. When you get a text message three things happen if you are not in the SMS application already, 1) the phone makes noise, 2) a blue dialogue box appears and 3) a number appears on the SMS application icon.

On your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch choose SETTINGS (the gears icon). From there choose "NOTIFICATIONS." From this screen you can turn off all of the notifications (this has no impact on the individual settings) or you can choose the application you wish to change. Below you will see images from Facebook's and CNN's notifications panels. FaceBook gives you three options, while CNN only two (CNN doesn't have badges).

Many applications have notifications, you may have forgotten how many of them you set the first time you ran the application. Check them out, it's really just that easy! [gallery link="file"]