Facebook App Update

Users of Facebook have been able to upload videos to Facebook from their iPhones since shortly after the release of the iPhone 3Gs, but strangely they weren't able to watch those very same videos on their iPhone 3Gs, 3G or even the recently released iPad. Several months ago the ability to easily watch youtube videos was added, but that still left the native Facebook vidoes. Recently though the folks at Facebook finally fixed that small but glaring hole in their applications abilities. The application that has seen few updates in the past year, got a few minor changes. The marque feature of those changes was Facebook video. Even better, all videos uploaded can now be 720px wide, assuming your device supports that resolution. A 3rd new feature was the ability to write on walls of events, I'm sure that was asked for; but not what people were waiting to see.

The latest version is 3.1.3, so if you don't have that version just go to your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and run the updates. Soon you will be able to watch your cousin's doing stupid pet tricks with the family dog. The family dog will be so happy.

Facebook for IPhone