Daily Mail Reports iPhone 4 May be Recalled – NOT LIKELY

It seems that not just bloggers can get ahead of themselves and report news that might be less than factual; in this case totally unbelievable. Prepare yourself, you may want to pull your own hair out, or at least the writer of the original story's hair out. As I can tell, the sequence of events seems to go something like this - @ceoSteveJobs posted the following:

That tweet was picked-up on by Richad Ashmore writer for the Daily Mail in the United Kingdom. He then posted a story to the Daily Mail website. The story has since been removed, most likely proving it was posted in error and not as a joke. While the story was removed a search will still bring up. Something I like to "Google Memory," see below:

If you look at ceoSteveJobs last few tweets you would probably come to the same conclusion that TUAW did, and that I came to as well upon reviewing them - 100% FAKE! TUAW story was a little kind to the Daily Mail, I will be far less kind. Come on guys, really? You didn't think to call Apple, Inc and just ask them for a comment? You didn't think to actually use your editorial brain? Really? I'm not very familiar with their publication, but a quick glance at their front page has more cleveage than a Pussycat Dolls concert.

Check out the last few tweets from @ceoSteveJobs. Just amazing. I have to imagine that this was a joke by the Daily Mail that just went south.

Really? Is it me or has the iPhone 4 been plagued with poor journalistic integrity?