Kelly's Tweets for 2009-08-21

  • Just left the Apple Store. The speed of the 3Gs just blows me away. Shouldn't they just give it to me for free. I'm a loyal Apple user. #
  • Watching the extended version of The Return Of The King. Good end to day one of my mini vacation. #
  • Tomorrow I turn 39. Argh, where do the years go. #
  • Hmm. I've got my home brew yet to taste. Maybe tonight. It's been several weeks since I bottled. #
  • Return of the King... Such a great movie! #
  • Testing from FriendFeed - 2nd Try #
  • When I post on Twitter, why doesn't it show on FriendFeed? #
  • @jeffmccord I see your Twitter posts on FriendFeed... how do you pull that off? I can get FriendFeed posts on Twitter, but not reverse. #
  • Well, it's the 21st. That means I'm 39 years old. Umm I would like a recount. #

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