Torchwood - Children of Earth

Torchwood is a spinoff of the BBC's worldwide sensation Dr. Who; and is equally as popular as it's much older brother. Like many younger brothers, Torchwood is edgier, more irreverent and much more willing to takes risks. This week the 3rd "series," as the Brits refer to a season, starts in the United States (it aired a few weeks ago in the UK). The last season ended with boom and tear in the eye, this season starts with scream and one cliffhanger after another. For five nights in a row the season will unfold. Last night was episode one, and it was excellent; as good as anything done for Dr. Who so far. Lots of promise for the week. If you like SCI-FI at all, then you owe it to yourself to check it out. You can start watching "series" 3 without seeing Dr. Who or the previous two "series," but you will miss out on all the character exposition that has occurred over the past two years; that's true of any series though. Watch it and if you like it the first season is available on DVD and BlueRay and I think the second season is about to be released too.

I've embedded the trailer which gives a good, but quick, look into the weeks episodes. The BBC is betting the farm on this show, it's the show that the BBC used to launch BBC America HD (which so far FIOS doesn't have yet). They are also using it to prepare fans for the upcoming Dr. Who special that airs on Sunday (trailer to follow).