Moving, Moving, Moving....

Tomorrow is the big day. Tomorrow we all move into our new house. It will be a crazy, mixed-up day; but then so was today. The moving company sent over the packers today, and when I left about 7:45 this morning, they were well into creating boxes and boxes of our stuff. They were here for five hours packing away. I wish I could say I was here supervising them, but alas I had to go to work and the job of supervisor was left to Tracy. The packers did their jobs, and did them well; when I got home around 6:00 I found the house filled with boxes and displaced furniture. Actually, the movers packed pretty much everything, including items we really didn't want them to pack. Oh well, they did their jobs.

So much was packed up that sleeping in this house tonight would be less than comfortable, so it is off to the new house. Javier is bringing over a couple of air mattresses for us to sleep on tonight. We are actualy looking forward to it. We had originally planned on staying the night there, but the packers packed away our nice air mattress. Like i said, they packed everything. Tracy is very happy and will enjoy spending her first night at the new house, even if it isn't in the comfort she is accustomed to. Honestly, I am as well.

I have photos of the packing, and will post them when I get a chance.

Soon I am signing off the this network for the last time and sometime tomorrow afternoon I will be able to sign onto the new network. I've not built it yet, but I will. Until then, we are all moving, moving, moving!