House Off The Market

It's official, Tracy's house is off the market. It's not sold, but is pending sale. Like any sell we aren't getting what we want, but we can live with it and it is more than the buyer originally offered.

We don't close for several weeks and anything can happen, but it looks good. We do still have a lot to do to get the house ready and the inspection hasn't been done yet. We do still have to move some furniture out and clean out the attic. We can't just move it all hear as Tracy is seriously down grading as her house is nearly 5000 square feet and mine is less than 1700. There are only three of us, so space shouldn't be an issue for us just her furniture.

In any event this will bring to an end a chapter iin both our lives as we prepare to enter yet another. As the say though, "All is good."

Sent, while "On-the-go."