Best Friend's Birthday - Celebrating a New Year

This past weekend we celebrated my best friend's birthday. I actually "planned" the event which basically consisted of making the reservations and sending out the e-mails inviting some 20 people to the party. Jess already knew where she wanted to go and what she wanted to do, but wanted someone to put the pieces together. Afterall, the birthday celebratee shouldn't have to actually plan their own birthday party. That's just WRONG.

It wasn't difficult and I was honored to actually make the arrangements, simple though they may have been. Tracy and I did take Jess out to dinner prior to the party and Tracy had gotten her a small gift. Mostly though we just had the pleasure of spending the evening with her and the rest of our "group." Some of whom had joined us for Memorial Day this past summer.

The next day Jess invited us over to her mother's house to have dinner with her family and celebrate not only her birthday but also her sister's. The added bonus was that they all got to meet Tracy for the first time. Jess' mom's cooking is usually fantastic and she didn't dissapoint.

All-in-all Jess seemed to have had a great birthday and we got to enjoy a pretty relaxful weekend to boot and end it feeling pretty good about helping a close friend ring in a new year. Birthday's can be hard at times, but when you have some friends to share the event with and family to share it with, no matter what the previous 12 months may have brought, it gives you the feeling that the next 12 months will be that much better. I know that's how I felt back in August and I think Jess felt the same way.