It's Hard To Be Humble, When You Are "Over-Qualified"

Okay, what in the name of hades does it mean to be "over-qualified?" Do compaines want people that are "under qualified? Do they not want people that can not only excel in the possition they are hired into but also be able to take on additional duties and roles as the months and years progress? I understand the fear of boredom setting in and the individual walking, but it just doesn't always make sense.

For example, I am not CEO material nor am I director material. At best I am probably management material, that isn't to say I am a manager. So how can I be over-qualified for a possition that could in 6 months time turn into an assistant manager's or team lead possition? Not to say I would want the job, but how could anyone looking to hire someone not want a go-getter, get-it-done kind of person. I understand that some people are indians and some people are chiefs, but every chief was an indian before and eventually chief has to step down or be removed so another indian can become a chief.

So why am I venting? Why am I talking about indians, chiefs and over-qualification? Well becuase this job search is a process I wouldn't wish on Sadam Hussein. Well, actually for him I would and come to think of it... he is in the same predicament. Of course he walked away with a billion dollars (a dump truck filled with money) so I guess he doesn't have mortgage issues. Just smart bombs with his name written ALL OVER THEM.

I interviewed for a possition with an apartment community (don't say complex, bad... bad...) but the person doing the hiring, a very nice lady by the way, felt I was way to qualified for the possition. She did say she would keep my resume for a while and if something more "suiting" came up she would give me a call. Great! That won't buy pledge to give my kitchen table that "like new" look, much less buy beans and rice to put on the kitchen table. I spoke with my agent at the company that hires me out to Apartment Communities (remember, not complex) and they think they can get me a job on what is called an "A" property. That is where people who make salaries like my old salary and higher live. Anyway, that could be difficult because they want someone with experience.

Hopefully my agent can convince someone... 40 hours a week, every week sure would be nice. Benifits wouldn't hurt either, course those will take 3 to 6 months to get. Loosing a job... SUCKS!