These are the tools I use for blogging and website building. Most of them are free, or very low-cost. As you will immediately notice I'm pretty much an Apple shop. I've been using Apple products for years, long before the iPod was released. I did stray from the path for a while, but returned to Apple in 2005. Since then I've continued to buy Apple gear. I actually moved back to Apple because maintaining a good-looking website was so much easier on the Mac. At the time I was using RapidWeaver (still available) but eventually I moved aware from that software as I wanted the ability to "blog" on the road. Mobile blogging is easy if you want to keep it really simple. If you prefer to use a social networking service it's even easier. Many choose Facebook as it offers just about everything most people want: posting, photos and sharing. Recently Google introduced Google+ and many millions have moved to it partially and some exclusively. Twitter has been around since 2006, but with its 140 character limitation nearly everyone uses it to supplement whatever on-line blogging they do.

Of course I use just about all of them, loving none of them. I still prefer having complete and total control over my website and my content, such as it is. I still use Facebook, Twitter and Google+; but that's because they are really easy to use and all of my friends and family use one or the other. Primarily I use them for "posts of the moment" or checking into a place I'm visiting. I also post links to KellysWorld to these social networking sites to let my followers know there is something new on KellysWorld.

Below are the tools I regularly use to keep up my "on-line presence." None of them are hard to use and yes I use my Apple gear to do it all. I've run my personal website since 2002, long before social networking even had a name. It's fun. It's relaxing. I can't say I do it for any other reasons.

If you want any suggestions on how to build your own web presence, whether it be your personal domain or just through social networking sites, drop me a line!

   The iPhone X

The iPhone X


  • MacBook Pro 13" (Early 2015)
  • iPhone X
  • iPad Air

Web Services

  • Square Space (My platform of choice)
  • Instragr.am
  • Twitter
  • FaceBook