A Friend's Blog

A friend of mine has been working on a couple of blogs and podcasts for some time. He is actually pretty good at the podcasting. He has all the necessary equipment and the knowledge to make it work. His challenge has been two fold. First, some of the relationships he has fostered for his podcasting and blogging have not born fruit. Second, frustration matched with restrictions on his time have made his endeavor very difficult.

I too attempted to start my own blog and podcast last year, but didn't have good relationships with anyone of note that could help and I too lacked the necessary free time. Actually, I lacked the enthusiasm. I had a plan though.

Of late I have offered that plan to him with the hopes those designs may aid him in his endeavors better than they did in my aborted attempts. They are by no means special or even that specific, but they are building blocks based on what I've seen of others and what may be the cornerstone of their success.

I may provide my friend with more substsintial assistance, if he asks; but even if I don't I know my plans will have seen some fruit. I also know that I have helped a friend. If I'm allowed to participate in the production then I'm sure I will enjoy doing so.

If I do, I will post the results here.