Earthquake In Oklahoma

All I can say is wow!!! A 5.6 earthquake in Oklahoma. The epicenter was in Sparks, Oklahoma; but it was felt all over the state including Tulsa. From what the news is saying the effects were felt all the way into Missouri and Texas. Earthquakes are not new to Oklahoma or the Midwest but earthquakes of this magnitude are rare. So rare in fact that this earthquake set a record for BIGGEST in Oklahoma's recorded history.

This wasn't even the 1st big one this weekend, just the biggest. Probably not the last for a few days too. I first saw the news of the quakes yesterday morning and then this morning was greeted by many Facebook posts from friends in Tulsa and Broken Arrow.

Doesn't appear any lives were lost, but there were a few reported injuries. The news showed some home damage in Broken Arrow. Bricks that fell off homes and driveways with huge cracks. News also reported that some highways buckled from the earthquake. They'll probably be finding damage for weeks.

As far as I can tell everyone I know is safe with little to no damage. Most importantly my dad and his wife are okay.

Here's hoping that no one was killed or permanently injured and that any further quakes are the more typical micro quakes that Oklahoma has endured for generations.