Walking Down the Isle of Life - Continued

Paying homage to my Irish roots we would marry in an Irish Pub I often frequented. Chances are there was a stool with my name on it, although I promise I never pulled my own pint of Guinness. She had been married before, so she wasn't in need of a traditional wedding and i prefer something different filled with meaning and fun. An Irish pub seemed perfect, and Trinity Hall Irish Pub was the perfect Irish pub in Dallas. In early November of 2006 it was the center piece of my marriage and a wedding I think none would quickly forget.

In the months leading up to the momentous occasion I new job opportunity found me. After many interviews over nearly two months I would start working at Precision Document Solutions in August of 2006 as the Manager of Customer Service. This would be my first senior management level position and I learned a great deal in my years working there. For over seven years I would work, learn and grow as a person and as a manager. When I finally left in 2014, my final day was bittersweet, but it was time for change. 

My marriage had ended the previous summer and my life was starting over. My marriage and my job at Precision were tied together more closely than most. I began working at PDS just three months before my wedding. I watched my family grow and adopted my 2nd child while there. Every major event of my marriage occurred while working at PDS. Each day there was a continual reminder of the life that was, and was no more. There always comes a time when you know you must move on, that time came for me. Besides my growth at PDS was limited as she was just a small organization. To take my life to the next level, I had to move on and I had to take the dangerous move of leaving a job without a solid job opportunity in the wings. My thought was clear, I couldn't provide the best possible service to our clients and my employer if I was at the same time attempting to find a new job at a different company. In January of 2014 I moved on, and said farewell. Not just to PDS but to the life that was before.

A New Day - A New Beginning

To Be Written...