The Apple Professor

About the Site:

Apple Professor is dedicated to helping everyone learn how to make the most of their Macs, iPhones, iPads and iPods. As well as bringing them the latest information along with tips and tricks.

We are only just getting started, and have a long way to go. We aren't the only Apple centric site on the web, but we have high hopes and a dream that one day all mankind will know and enjoy Apple products the way the we do here at The Apple Professor.

Are you a software or hardware developer interested in allowing the Apple Professor to get the word out about your fair product? Just drop us an e-mail with your press release, or simple information about your product and we will happily post the details (hint: we are a family friendly site). If we feel your solution has some promise, we may even review it. See our review guidelines for more information.

About the Editor:

Our editor is a long time Apple fan and Macintosh user. He first used Macs in high school when working for his school newspaper as a photographer. While attending the University of Arizona the following year he regularly used Macs in one of the school's computer labs.

After attending UofA for a year he moved to The University of Tulsa. There he would eventually become the campus Apple Student Rep and for the first time really get to use a Mac on a daily basis. While the job came with a "loaner Mac" he eventually purchased an Apple IIsi and there was no turning back for him. Because of his work with Apple and speaking to students daily about Macs, he quickly became known as "The Mac Guy." A title he kept right up until graduation.

While he did leave Mac behind for several years, his heart remained with Mac and Apple. When he did move back to Mac he did so with gusto. Now he claims to have no less than 6 Macs being used in his household along with 4 iPhones and 2 iPads. This of course isn't counting the iPods that were pushed aside for better and faster solutions.

Our editor is a an Apple Evangelist in every sense of the word. He can count over 20 people that have moved to Apple products (Macs or iDevices) due to his evangelism. He looks forward to helping those that have already adopted an Apple device and those that are looking to do so.